Mote Aquaculture Park
 map aerial pic

Below is a labeled diagram of the Mote Aquaculture Park.  By double clicking on the building names in the yellow panel below, you can learn what the operational plans for that building are, as well as the research that occurrs there.

Diagram of Mote Aquaculture Park


*Marine Aquaculture Research
*Marine Filtration
*Marine Hatchery and Nursery Research

*Shrimp Broodstock and Hatchery
*Shrimp Growout

*Sturgeon Offices, Hatchery, Nursery, and Broodstock

*Sturgeon Growout (GO1)

*Sturgeon Growout 2  (GO2) and Sturgeon Growout 3 (GO3)


*Storage Bldg.
*Maintenance Bldg.
*On Site Housing

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