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Who we are:

We are a group of scientists, from many institutions, who are concerned about the human health exposures from the airborne red tide toxins. Our interest in this issue arises from numerous experiences such as, contact with the public, experience with other harmful and/or tropical diseases, or because we live in an area that is affected by the Florida red tide. Our backgrounds vary from medical professionals, epidemiologists, marine chemists, and toxicologists, to name a few.

What we do:

Once we identify a potential health risk such as exposure to aerosolized red tides, we try to determine how many people the potential risk may affect and if there are particular groups that may be at higher risk than others. If animal studies have been conducted regarding the exposure, we review that data as well. Next, we design a study protocol to try to answer the risk question. Is there an effect and if so, what is the severity of the effect? ALL studies that involve humans as subjects are then reviewed by an external review group. The group assess' the appropriateness of the study protocol, risks to participants, assures protocols on confidentiality and record keeping are followed, and overall, acts as a overseer of the study. Once the review board has approved the study, recruitment of participants may begin. top

What we have done:

To date, we have completed one study on the effects of airborne red tide toxins on people. The completed study addressed the question regarding the effect exercise has on people exposed to airborne red tide toxins when they are at the beach. A stationary exercise bicycle was used so all participants exercised with the same amount of workload. Participants had their breathing measured, answered a symptom questionnaire before and after a five minute bike ride. Monitoring of the air and water occurred during the testing so the precise amounts of red tide toxins will be known. The data is currently under analysis.

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Two other studies are currently underway. One study is looking at people who are occupationally exposed to airborne red tide toxins. The second study is looking at the effects the airborne red tide toxins have on people who have asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). To look closer at the activities the participants are asked to do, please feel free to go to our “research study participants” section of this website. top

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