For over 6 years the Phytoplankton Ecology Program has maintained a transect of stations extending from Sarasota, FL to the 30 meter isobath . During 1998 the transect heading changed (see station map) and the more northerly transect is no longer sampled.

The images in the following links are vertical cross sections of the Gulf of Mexico adjacent to Sarasota, FL.  CTD casts were taken every 5 miles on cross shelf transects extending to the 30 meter isobath (approximately 30 miles offshore).  Contours of temperature, salinity and density (Sigma-t) describe the hydrographic conditions while chlorophyll fluorescence depicts general phytoplankton distributions.

Red Tide Transect:
The following figures represent data collected between Jan. 1997 and Jan. 1998.
K. brevis and Nitrate + Nitrite
K. brevis and Phosphate
K. brevis and Ammonium
ECOHAB Transect:
See the Transect Archive for Transects conducted prior to 1999
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04/28/03 03/31/04
05/29/03 04/21/04
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07/23/03 06/23/04
* Due to equipment failure only one CTD profile was completed on 04/19/99, station 30 (30 miles offshore).
** Intermittent data communications, data subject to errors.



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