Mote Aquaculture Park

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Mote Marine Laboratory has greatly expanded its aquaculture capabilities with the construction of the Mote Aquaculture Park (MAP).  This facility is located in eastern Sarasotat County, approximately 20 miles inland form Sarasota's coast.  In 2001, Mote Scientific Foundation purchased 200 acres of land to be developed into the Mote Aquaculture Park.  The Park will house Mote’s aquaculture programs performed under the Center For Aquaculture Research and Development (C.A.R.D.).  These programs include the Marine Aquaculture Program, the Sturgeon Commercial Demonstration Program and the Shrimp Program.  The Park will eventually serve as a site where the public can learn about and appreciate aquaculture at a visitor’s center, and fish for reared aquaculture species in a constructed fishing pond.

Peter Hull - Director of Mote Aquaculture Park

Randy Grams - MAP Facilities Construction Manager

Bill Gorham - MAP Facilities Construction Asst. Manager

Tommy Smith - MAP Landscape Specialist
Travis Smith - MAP Landscape Assistant

Ann Hayes - MAP Development Officer

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