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Over the past 50 years, Mote Marine Laboratory's research efforts have branched into nearly every major area of nearshore marine research. Research programs at Mote are organized into seven research centers. While each center focuses on its own specialty, Mote scientists are able to partner with others within the lab, as well as others in the scientific community, to integrate efforts across a number of fields. Several centers currently conduct research programs at the Tropical Research Laboratory, again reflecting the diversity of Mote's ongoing research efforts throughout Florida and the world.

Coral Reef Science and Monitoring Program - Erich Bartels
Monitors and assesses reef processes and environmental factors that influence reef health. Current projects include:
 - Staghorn Coral Nursery and Restoration Project
 - Coral Bleaching Early Warning Network (BleachWatch)
 - Marine Ecosystem Event Response and Assessment(MEERA)
 - Red Tide and Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring

Marine Microbiology Program - Kimberly Ritchie, PhD
Studies microorganisms and their role in the marine environment ......more>

Reef Restoration Program - David Vaughan, PhD
Investigates the science and technologies of restoring reef ecosystems ......more>

Coral Culture Program - Kevan Main, PhD
Efforts are focused on developing propagation and culture techniques, as well as determining the optimal size, shape and season for coral restoration efforts .....more>

Shark Research Program - Harold Wes Pratt
Systematic study of mating systems and strategies, using the nurseshark(G. cirratum) as a template to understand the vital mating systems of large Atlantic sharks .....more>


Visiting Research - In addition to current in-house research at TRL, more than 50 visiting scientists and researchers use the facility each year.  Studies include a wide variety of marine research, including studies focused on coral reefs, fisheries, sharks, and microbiology.  TRL staff are available to provide field support for visiting researchers .....more>


Mote Marine Laboratory - Tropical Research Laboratory
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TRL researchers are available to assist visiting scientists with sampling, surveys, in-situ experiments, deploying instruments, and more....

Coral Reef Research and Monitoring

Coral Culture and Restoration

Shark Research